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The basis of this organization begins with homeowners in the Norco Ridge Ranch Specific Plan who are upset with the high cost, inefficiencies, loss of property rights and poor leadership demonstrated by the developers and some of the Norco City leaders in the establishment and management of certain aspects of our community.

We encourage Norco Residents outside of the Norco Ridge Ranch area to read and contribute to this information. Under the current proposal you are losing more property rights than we are as the City attempts to establish a designated portion of your property that can only be used for one specific purpose. We oppose the taking of any property rights.

Our longer term goals are community safety, well being, enjoyment and increased value of our individual properties and common interests. If we share these goals we can work on differences that may exist in achieving them. We are moving forward to establish a team of concerned and motivated residents to form an organization and the development of this website so all residents can stay informed and participate in the management of our future.

As residents and property owners of Norco, we are united in the effort to preserve our rights, including animal-keeping.

If you've been directed to this web-site because someone told you we are against animal-keeping or the rights of horse-owners, please read this.

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  1. Trails: Horse trail system in our streets and parkways that we pay over $800 annually per household to maintain and has been woefully inadequately managed for the past three years.
  2. Spending: Infrastructure improvements and maintenance that we know include the roof on the Ingalls Park arena, a city park next to the arena and 2 huge lots that include considerable slope area just north of the intersection of Valley and Crestview.
  3. Property Rights: The Norco Planning Commission on June 30 approved a proposal that takes away severe property rights while essentially eliminating the individual homeowner’s ability to manage and use their property as they were able to do when they purchased their property. This will be sent to the City Council for review, perhaps as early as August 4, 2010.
  4. Drainage: Poorly designed drainage with possible catastrophic failure potential on many properties in the hills.
  5. Discrimination: Relentless pursuit by City to legislate disincentives for property owners without horses while favoring horse owners over those without horse keeping on property. Our area currently has less than 4% of properties with horses.
  6. Taxes: Existing heavy tax burden on property owners while Norco’s poorly managed finances result in City studying ways to increase taxes, fees and penalties to homeowners in Specific Plan areas while reducing property rights and possibly safety protection.

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